stpsolutions provides consultancy services and develops hosted solutions for a wide range of systems integration problems found in the financial services and property services sectors.

Business Processes

Inevitably, any systems integration project requires a complete understanding of the business processes. In many cases new business processes have to be developed to implement changes in strategy.  stpsolutions is a Registered Consulting Partner for Nimbus Control™ an enterprise business process management system that provides clients with a collaborative environment for mapping and creating business processes and managing the continuous improvement over the entire lifecycle.

Project Management

Apart from its own projects, stpsolutions takes on assignments as project manager for larger systems integrators. Working in either a traditional Project Management Methodology or in an agile SCRUM methodology, our consultants bring a wealth of experience in delivering successful projects into financial services and property service organisations. These include several projects where the development has been completed offshore.

Industry Bodies

Our consultants have considerable experience in contributing their knowledge and skills to industry bodies including XBRL UK Consultative Committee, EMX Consultative Committee, Reference Data User Group, JHC User Group, LSE Traditional Options Committee, APCIMS Settlement Committee. The common thread amongst all of these is that industry participants have to share information and do this by developing a common format and standards for exchanging data electronically. In the property sector, our consultants have managed workgroups for the Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate (OSCRE) developing XML based data messages for Residential Property Conveyancing.

Solutions Architect

When brought in at an early stage of a client's planning, stpsolutions acts as the solutions architect. Gathering the requirements using questionairres, interviews and white-boarding sessions, our consultants present alternative solutions totally customised for our client's circumstances. Once the proposed solution is agreed, a detailed requirements specifications can be written in the form of an RFP if the client puts it out to tender. If the development is inhouse, once the requirements have been agreeed, functional specifications and technical specifications are added. If required by the client, we have designer/developer associates both in the UK and offshore who are able to complete the development, fully managed by us.

Authoring Research Documents

stpsolutions has been retained on several occasions by B.I.S.S. Research to author its annual benchmarking report on Corporate Action Systems. The research document runs to several hundred pages and includes in-depth comparisons of the Corporate Actions Workflow products offered by all of the main Software Vendors.

Hosted Services

We host websites for some of our clients and have developed a sophisticated hosted service for Residential Property Sales & Lettings Agents. When introduced in 2000, this was the first hosted estate agency system in the UK. It has undergone several major upgrades to add more and more functionality and has recently been completely rewritten using the ASP.NET framework. The service has built-in workflows that automate many of the repetitive processes and automatically synchronises information with the major national property portals.