Nimbus Control™ is an Enterprise Business Process Improvement solution that allows you to capture, manage and deploy your operational processes and supporting information to all your people wherever they are, across the web or on a mobile device, delivered either on premise or as software as a service (SaaS).

Nimbus Control is unique in its ability to involve the whole workforce in business process excellence, so that you can more easily improve performance, efficiency and compliance. Nimbus Control can revolutionize your approach to business process and performance improvement.

  • Articulate your organisation’s strategy and decide how to monitor and manage performance towards those objectives. Capture, agree, improve, govern and deploy business processes with a genuine focus on end-user adoption of the resulting content.
  • A trusted, single source of the truth and the easiest way for all stakeholders to understand their individual role, processes and KPI’s.
  • Improve the alignment between IT and Business by supporting enterprise software implementations and underpinning BPM automation initiatives.

A typical high level process map for the Delivery of Products and Services would look like the following screenshot. Note that only one object is used to describe any process - it is simple to use by any person in the organisation and describes the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHY and HOW of every operation. The green down arrow indicates that you can drill-down into further levels of detail for the process.

The following screenshot shows a drill-down to the next level of detail in the 'Produce/Manufacture/Deliver product' process. Note that the drill-down process has exactly the same inputs and outputs as the higher level process. This ensures that the expansion of the process into lower-levels of process has the same end result. There are unlimited levels of drill-down available which enables a very high level strategic process to be expanded and expanded to map down to the most detailed level of process.